Working With The New Norm, Get Creative

Just as we are coming on air, millions and millions of people’s livelihood is on the line. Our jobs ma not be there and now is the time to look at other avenues- new ways to bring in Income or gain a new Purpose in life.

That includes the sel-employment sector as well, without clients we don’t have a business.

LifeTalk is here to motivate and educate individuals who have a stron interest to better them selves. and to improve their own lives in many aspects.

Parents and kids are confronted with Distance Learning – We are all working from home or we are not even working because our businesses are shut-down. How are we all coping with this???

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

We all need to get creative and learning new skills. Hard times, yes – but not impossible. Our Health is the most important thing. So, respect the guide-lines.