Life as we know is a continuous movement. We expect certain outcomes of our actions, and it is just not happening. And it is true if we do the same things over and over again, we get the same results over and over again. Many people give up and retrieve back into ‘their’ safe way of not pursuing anything anymore.

Let us look at areas as to WHY things are not working out, and also be ready to be totally honest with yourself that it could be you, that needs to learn a thing or two.

Our Julie Winter, Psycho-Therapist is joining us around 7:35 PM to shine a light on INTIMACY and also read an excerpt from her book “Dancing Home

My guest tonight is Bob Waters, Business Owner + Entrepreneur.

Do you overestimate yourself? You are setting yourself up for failure. Because you think you can do it yourself, and when it does not work, you lie to yourself. It was somebody else’s fault.

You rather fail, than admit that you need help. How important is it to have a healthy Support System within a family?

The building blocks are endurance, life experience, focus, accountability, motivations, a healthy belief system, etc.

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