New plans for traveling? Big family gatherings? Opening a business?

Covid has taught all of us that life can be short and making plans now going forward is a wonderful feeling, but with caution.

Turn in to LifeTalk with Mariette, Sunday, March 21st 7-8PM EST were Mariette and guests discuss new plans and possibilities of enjoying life again.

Join us for an entertaining hour! My guests are Gene Thompson, of and Kristin Letsch, Director of The Farm To

Our assignments for this week’s program was to come up with a list of things we want to do…if we actually do it….that is another thing. It is fun to create a Activity List. Good for the mind and heart.

In our 2nd and 3rd segment we talk about how Kristin enhances a “Picnic Gathering” with her farm animals and we are getting first-hand information about Horses emotional intelligence and behavior. Wonderful. I happen to love horses very much.

To start a business one has to be in the clear that ‘free’ social media postings are just a small part of the pie. So, the freebies don’t last to long…Everyone must learn about client development to have a sustainable business, and not a hobby.

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Mariette Kammerer

Not only can horses understand the various moods and facial expressions of humans, but they can also communicate their own emotions.