FEAR Of Public Speaking Summary

Conquering “The Fear of Public Speaking”

No matter what age we are, it is all about making our dreams come true. It is about facing our FEARS and as we face them head-on, they go away with time. It is a journey and prepared to do the work and be patient.

Public Speaking can be a night mare to many people.

It can happen in the workplace where the manager experiences panic attacks at the thought of making a presentation to her/his superiors.

It can happen at home where the jobseeker become emotionally distrought before going on a job inteview.

It can happen at a party where the possibility of meeting someone new is curtailed by butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms.

Enjoy Mariette Kammerer personal story and how she conquered her own fear of public speaking. “It stated in elementary school and carried over into adulthood, causing me to miss out on many academic, social and career opportunities.”

Mariette will go in to details how her fear originated, how it carried in to adult life and the moment she had to make the decision to ‘handle’ the issue. She did. It is about : Inner Dialog, Believe System, Experiences…and how she ended up choosing a career on TV and Radio. ” I can do anything I put my mind to, and I have a track record of accomplishments I am very proud of.”

Joing Mariette Kammerer during the program is Theresa Crisci, owner and founder of Total Balance. Theresa is sharing her journey and how she had to learn and confront public speaking over time.

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About The Author

Mariette Kammerer

My entire life has been about ‘challenges’ and what direct choices I made. Fear is natural, overcoming your fear is conscious work.