The Farm To Food Bank project – Featured on ABC News

This project made international and national news and thousand of people get to eat.

Thanks to Co-Founders: John Botti, Bill Mehleisen and Army Veteran Dave Lemon. In hard times we need to put our skills and talents to work. We need to pull together and that is what all the founders did in a very short period of time. Not everyone has these skill and talents, but for the ones who do….the big WHY has to be answered first. Why should I do this?

So, thousands of people can have food to eat!!! That is why.

I was watching the story on ABC news and immediately decided to interview all parties involved.  With restaurants and schools closed due to the Virus farmers are forced to destroy millions of pounds of fresh food that they can no longer sell.

At the same time, Americans across the country are losing jobs, depleting savings and turning to food banks for the first time.

Overwehlemed by the demand, food banks are forced to turn away families empty-handed, leaving them in hunger.

A group of 8 friends mobilized a bootstrapped effort, “Farm To Food Banks” to move food from oversupplied farms to undersupplied food banks. Within two weeks farmers, drivers, volunteers, media and thousand of donors had joint the effort.

From the Author

Mariette Kammerer

I have done many projects within the last 25 years to help people fight hunger and overcoming adversity. When people come together to take action like this group did, it makes my HEART smile.