The Dog Listener

The Dog Listener – ” Think Like A Dog” and why should we just do that?

Do 00 owners in the pastr 30you love your dog? How is your interaction with your dog? And who is in charge? You or your dog?

Phil Klein, a certified Dog Listener has helped over 3000 dog owners in the past 12 years to understand their Dog Language and Behavior, instead Human Thinking Application it takes educationa and desire on the owner’s part.


What is my dog thinking when he stares at me?

Do dogs think we are their parents?

What do dogs think about humans?

WRONG…let us take a listen.

Canines have understood each other for thousands of years; Dog Listening is the way for humans to tap into that understanding:

  • use it to make sometimes dramatic improvements in a very short time
  • without resourting to using painful gadgets, force, drugs or unrealistic time investment.

Phil , The Dog Listener will make learning fun for you and your dog.

If your dog has any of the problems that many dog owners face – separation anxiety, aggression, non-stop baking, pulling on leash, no recall, chewing, toileting, fussy eating, nipping/biting, car chaos, fear of noises, jumping on people…the list goes on.

Phil, The Dog Listener can help! Call him.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Is a dog too old to learn? The old saying,”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not relevant thankfully. Dogs are born with their instincts and language abilities.