The Desire To Leave A Mark – Impacting The Lives Of Others

Just how do we want ot be remembered? Do we know what impact we have on others?

I think, most of us would like to make a difference in the life of others – It has positive an negative sides to it.

Incredible guest who speak with an open mind and heart and are holding nothing back. YOU MATTER – WE MATTER!

Gene Thompson of

Susan Kennedy , Life Talk Contributor

Norma Gianattasio, LifeTalk Contributor

Barbara Bittman, LifeTalk Contributor

Whether we receive international recognition or not, the joy we are experiencing when we do what we love doing will rub off on those around us.

We bring a great deal to the world by embracing the truth of whow we are and doing what it is that make us most happy. It’s not selfish, but doing what we love really can have impact the world.

Everyone has an impcat on OTHERS, but people don’t talk about it enough – People don’t give PRAISE to another.

We all have a longing to be recognized for who and what we are(we don’t have to be a world-known person)

Our smile – our energy – our caring – our conviction – our creativity – our directness – our passiveness – our force of energy….etc. etc.


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Mariette Kammerer

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