In our 2nd hour we cover:

  1. “Chronic Pain – Self Inflicted”?
  2. When Food becomes ADDICTION
  3. We are meeting individuals with weight loss
  4. Intermittent Fasting
  5. Eating Habits

My guests are Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD., PhD., and Author, Ellen Adriani, and Bob Waters.

What does chronic pain mean? What is an example of chronic pain? How do you know if the pain is chronic?

Who do I ache when I don’t exercise? Can be out of shape cause pain?

We contribute to our bodies being in pain. We are not always good CareTakers of our bodies. Inactivity can have a ripple effect on our muscles, and before you know it the body signals all sorts of pains…

Being overweight, or obese,  our body has to carry all that additional weight.

Take a listen……!

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