What is the meaning of  ‘showing’ ATTITUDE? I think, we all know that. When generally he or she has an ATTITUDE it generally means that the person is negative or disagreeable of just has a bad outlook on life.

Can you afford to go to work with a bad attitude? Rethink your JOB Choices! Our focus is on Soft Skills such as: Attitude – Responsibility – Criticism just to name a few.

My guests are Gene Thompson, of GeneThompsonSolutions.com and Kristin Letsch, Director of TheFarmToHeart.org

The importance of attitude is that it is the basis for everything in our lives. Our attitude determines how we react to adversity, our ability to grow and to learn, our ability to overcome challenges, and create bonds with others.

You could be the best and the most talented person in the world. If your attitude ‘sucks’ nobody will hire you, or if they do, they will get rid of you very quickly.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Soft Skills are so important to go through Life and Employment.