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“Self Talk – The Lies We Tell Ourselves”

The reason why people lie to themselves are numerous, and if you are not aware, you can’t understand why you lie.

We need to hold ourselves ‘accountable’ for what we say because if we don’t somebody else will, especially in your job, career, or in your relationship with Husband or Wife.

When your emotions don’t match your words, people can pick that up

When your behavior is not aligned with your proclamations, life can become more difficult for you. Why are you making announcements to friends and family that you will be looking to better yourself by finding a new job? You keep talking about it and put no actions behind it.

What do you think this will do to your wife or husband who is directly affected by your non-actions?

What are the lies we tell ourselves ????

Take a listen and enjoy!

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Mariette Kammerer

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