Revisiting CHILDHOOD Dreams ( Series: It’s Not What’s Under The Tree That Matters)

Revisiting dreams and memories of the past in an important part of making sense of who we are and how we came to be. The inner children are part of our psyche remaining full of innocence, awe amd wonder. When your inner child is healthy, and we are connected with them, we tend to be invigorated, inspired, and excited.

With guests: Gene Thompson, Elana Zabari and Melissa Marti.

What was invigorating, inspiring and exciting to you as a child and teenager? Please ask yourself that question? What sort of DREAMS did you have?

We were care-free as children, anuthing goes, at any time – We did not know about DANGER, REJECTION, MISTRUST. Everyday was ful of anticipation- full of dreams.

What Happens To Many Of Us As We Are Growing Up?

Our life experiences SHAPE us. The Decisions we make keep us from our goals or bring us toward. By that time we have build a belief system…and also, we allow to be influenced by others.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Ask yourself what made you happy….and remember how you felt. Built on that every single day.