Animals make us feel good mentally, emotionally, physically. Our guest is Director Kristin Letsch , Director of

The past 10 months everyone has experienced more mental and emotional stress and it’s ongoing. Kristin has developed a program for young students to reduce stress + anxiety, by interacting with the animals.

Distracting the brain for a while.

Our kids are stressed out.

Staying away from seeing friends in person or being able to hang out with them. Hobby + Sport is on the back burner and many more things….

Do you know that the animals can feel your depression and sadness?

Listen to what Kristin and her animals are planning on doing.

What makes our hearts smile?

Perpaps knowing that we have a companion, a friend that is always there. When we are happy, when we are sad. They always there for us and happy to see us.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Animal Sponsorship Programs are available through The Farm To and can teach us: Caring, Responsibility, Self Esteem and so much more…