New NORM – Business NOT As Usual

Business now is different from before the Corona Virus. It has effected our business life, personal life and also the way we learn, our educational system.

Melissa Marti – Business Owner, Gne Thompson, Author and Songwriter, Barbara Bittman, LifeTalk Contributor and Destiny Whitcher, LifeTalk Contributor are with us today.

We are still creating the new norm, we don’t know yet how everything is going to work. Here at LifeTalk we certainly don’t have a Crystal Ball, but we can try.

Our country is angry, people protest across the US – Police Office charged with mudering unarmed black man George Floyd. People have lost trust in Police, your Friend and Helper….for a long time now.

Community leaders and residents demand the arrest of the three other officers involved. We see arrogance and misuse of power.

Police needs to be held accountable and when wrong-doing, prosecuted to the fullest!

This virus has everyone concerned and some not at all. People over 65 should stay home for safety reasons and everyone please use your judgement on this. We still have many people in the work force in their 70’s + 80’s.

Businesses are closing, left and right. Will will survive this…hang in there!

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Hard times, but we also have the opportunity to detect new things during this period and make a go of it. Main thing is to follow social distancing and taking this period serious. We will survive this.