“Siblings Division at Parent’s end of life” and its root causes is the topic in our first segment.

Siblings Resentment, Hurt and it is now Payback-Time.

Our 2nd-second topic is: ” Have you been “Ghosted or Iced”? Those are fancy words for having been ” Blown-Off” by a person in your career or personal Life? It is hurtful, the unacceptable behavior of those who are deficient in manners, culture, and respect for others.

We all have experienced what it feels like to lose a loved one. A husband, wife, child, aunt, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather. But when the end of life is here for our Mom or Dad we encounter many, many issues within the family unit, that lay dormant for years between the siblings. Mom or Dad held the family together for years, but it is about to break apart, and it will not be ‘pretty.’

Have you been ‘ghosted’? A fancy word for Blown Off. This happens in the business world and in the private sector.

Our guests tonight are The Haymans from New Jersey and Bob Waters.

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