It’s Not What’s Under The Tree That Matters

Credits: Painting

What the World needs now is:  Understanding, Self Care and sharing EMPATHY

When understanding SELF, you are more emotionally adjusted and you can ‘read’ feelings of others and nonverbal cues.

We are the Children Of The World. My guests are: Gene Thompson and Lynn Azarchi today.

It is a material world out there, cultivated over time. Buying affection and love with material items, leaving the recipient empty emotionally. Being emotionally unavailable is part of the problem.

Empathy has to be shown in the early part of life to the infant by the parent or care taker. If parents are emotionally unavailable, the child grows up without that base.

What really matters under the ‘tree’ is the gift of a life time:  LIFE SKILLS. So, how can we learn Empathy? Please listen to our program and join us every month for a new segment .

About The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Friends, Empathy has to be cultivated within oneself, lived and understood. That is a process of awareness…awareness of your own feelings and those of others, to keep it short.