It’s All About Body Movement

The process of movement is for Mind and Body. Daily movement activities vs. very little. Not talking about going to the grocery store and back.

We ARE learning and finding out the big WHY…Why we should move around, instead of sitting on the sofa. This program is the start of monthly series…wise choices after 50 and understanding why we are doing it.


  • to feel better- lowering our blood pressure – self love

Without Health- NO Wealth says Warren Honeycutt, Fitness + Nutrition Expert and Melissa Marti, Registred Nurse.

Fitting exercise and physical activity into your day can enhance your life in so many ways.

Regular physical activity can improve your balance and bootst or maintain your strenght and fitness.

Find out what happends to your body if you ‘stay on the couch’

The community over 50 has much different needs and all movements need to be ‘tailored’ to the individual. Keep MOVING!

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Nobody is exempt from feeling ‘lazy’ at times….but it becomes a life-style. Pleas join us in our monthly program : “It’s all about the MOVEMENT” – Wise Choices After 50. Lets move together and keep our BODY young!