“I will never feel my age” – Feeling young or old is often a matter of perception

Feeling young or old is often a matter of perception. Some of us feel vibrant and energetic, and some feel worn out, regardless of age.

If you are in good health, mentally, emotionally, and physically, and aligned with your creativity which produces joy most of the time, you have created the proper lifestyle for yourself.

To many people stay in a negative cycle, consciously or unconsciously. We have a choice to stay or leave or become more aware of why you are not getting what it is you need.

Age does not have to define us. Every stage of life has unique joys and challenges. Meet Pamela, a 69 year young women, traveling in her RV and joing us from the Arizona Dessert tonight.

Dr. Rich, Pamela Pickering-Madore + Rich, The T is with us tonight. Enjoy the show!!

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Mariette Kammerer

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