We have ‘uncertain’ times around the globe with daily, hourly, and by the minute new developments and changes. Every human being is affected by the war in Ukraine and I have a lot of questions for our guests tonight.

Our guests are Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD., and Author, and Julie Winter, Psycho-Therapist.

Our discussion points are:

  1. Minds of civilians fighting for their lives
  2. Minds of civilians who stayed in-country
  3. Minds of soldiers fighting the war
  4. The Global Minds

How are children affected by war? Most people really do not understand what war means for civilians, even years after the war ended. Kids who basically know nothing but war, a destroyed country, may even become victims years later when they are maimed by what was left behind. How can we adjust and protect our Mental Health in these uncertain times?

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

In Support For The Ukrainian People,  We Stand!