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” Siblings Decision At Parents End Of Life And Its Root Causes” and “Have You Been ‘Ghosted or Iced”

Tune in to this interesting conversation with my LifeTalk Contributor guests The Hyman’s from New Jersey – Laura and Ray Hyman, as well as Bob Waters.

We all know that many families have problems, but and the end of life Mom or Dad passing, these festered feelings come out. It is about HURT, RESENTMENT, and now its Payback Time.

“Have You Been Ghosted or Iced?

Just fancy words for bad behavior, and that has been around for a long time.  Fancy words for having been blown off by a person in your career or personal life. It is hurtful, the unacceptable behavior of those who are deficient in manners, and culture and have no respect for others.

No matter what age you are, if you are open to life and participate actively, you are ‘cool’.

If you engage in valuable services, you are ‘cool’

If you are ‘kind’ and ‘with it, you are ‘cool’

If you respect others and have a deep appreciation for life, you are ‘cool’

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