Hard Times Are Testing Periods For Relationships

Yes, hard times are sure ‘TESTERS’…the wrong relationships, issues, problems and red flags are many times put on the ‘back burner’. The impact it has on families, individuals and children on mental + physical health, is tremendous.

It is all about how well we know our self, what experiences we’ve had and that can help us see the ‘red flags’ faster. We if listen would be another topic.

Understand yourself will CHANGE your BEHAVIOR and Relatioships with others! – once you lean how YOU ‘Botched Up’ a Relationship, because of your BAD Behavior you mighr not repeat that with the next partner!

Coping mechanisms and strategies are psychological patterns that individuals use to manage thoughts, feelings, and actions.

People who have had ADVERSITY in their life have more of a developed pattern within, than people who had very little. What do I mean by that?

The mindset of a person who has withstood Adversity all by themselves without outside help. The will have the attitude: We shall get throught this – by getting more resourcefull and taking action.

The mindset of a person who has never had ADVERSITY : I am losing all my money, soon I will be out of money…what then?

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Issues, Problems, No Coping Skills, Taking Responsibility – A whole bandwidth of what we need to learn and watch out for.