FUN – Summer Time + Corona Virus

Are you trying new things suitable for you of finding nw activites, new interests? Things you always wanted to try and never took the time to do. And what may that be?

Corona Virus Time is also giving us time to reinvent ourselves, to do something new like: getting back to cooking or trying brand new recipes.

Walking in the wood, social distancing ourselves, of course. Getting out our walking shoes…or gardening. I bet, alot of people took to gardening. Relaxing….taking time off. ( Easier said than done)

Please welcome my guests Norma Gianattasio and Destiney Whitcher and learn how everyone is really dealing with these terrible times.

“No one can promise that life will be fair- but if you keep your eyes on the prize, everything will fall into place.” That is always a great reminder.

Being able to keep your eyes on the prize worked for a student from Maryland and ABC News made him the Person of the week. From Garbage Collector to Harvard School. Incredible Accomplishment! Congratulations Rehan Staton!

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

People who have overcome Adversity totally understand changes and going with the ‘flow’. What other choices do we have, since nothing is forever? The knowledge of Self-Help is powerful.