“Frani’s Sunday Sauce – The Taste Of Life”, a potpourri of Memories, Music, Food, Travel, Lifestyle and Entertainment with international guests from Germany, France, Italy.

“Traveling The Homeland” is our first segment with Journalist Wolf Leichsenring who will take us to the northern part of Germany called Schleswig-Holstein, discovering beautiful places. About 50 kilometers from Hamburg we will stop in Broksted and pay a visit to Farm Ansgarius – It feel’s like Heaven on Earth – A very special place for the Heart and Soul.

We also take you back and revisit our childhood days in school….The Blackboard Experience, an experience everyone has had and has not been the same since. Our stories will totally give you an insight, that you or your child is not alone and we can heal from it.

My guests are: Wolf Leichsenring, Sabine Foelster, Dr. Chris Gilbert, MaryAnn Gardner.

Our homeland and states have treasures that even the natives have not seen or heard of….and Wolf Leichsenring is changing just that. So join us for and interesting journey of Wolf’s work, travel and joy. Have you ever been to a ‘Sausage Seminar ‘? Stick with Wolf….he will tell you about it….

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer