“Falling In Love Again ” Are you in love? And if not, why? Could it be that old beliefs could be cutting you off from experiencing LOVE?

Love is a wonderful, magical FEELING, but LOVE is also connected with a lot of pain. My guests are Dr. Chris Gilbert, M.D., PhD. and Author, as well as our Friend and Registred Nurse Melissa Marti.

TIP of The WEEK!

Don’t ever save anything for a special OCCATION. Being ALIVE is the Special Occation!

Enjoy Life Today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promissed…..

I designed this topic step by step and incorporated:

  • Taking A Chance Again
  • Reality Check and Alternatives to ‘Marriage and Romantic’ Love

Mature people fall crazily in love, just like younger people, and the process of breaking up causes them just as much suffering as if they were teenagers.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Unrealistic expectations can cause considerable anguish.