Emotional Fitness, Selfcare and Healthy Distractions

Worrying about the ongoing Corona Virus Situations 24/7 is understandable but not healthy. It is ok and healthy to distract yourself, in healthy ways, soothing for Mind and Body.

My guests are Gene Thompson from Hollywood, Ca., a song writer, musician, poet, spiritual advocate and author.www.genethompsonsolutions.com 

and Susan Kennedy, a geriatric Fitness Consultant. www.TheHealingMindMagazine.com

Selfcare is part of listening to our ‘inner voice’

It will always tell us, we have to interpret it ‘Right’

The body talks to us all the time

Our intuition talks to us all the time and it never lies to us

We can live ‘Selfcare’ once we have become aware of our needs and wants. Once we have to  learned to stand up for ourselves and we are in-charge of our mind, body and soul.

We can express ourselves without fearing consequences and are willing to take the consequences.

With each hardship comes a personal education. Each hardship we suffer, is coupled with the ability to perseveerance and built character.

Without a purpose we feel lost.

Clean up your life, get a purpose. When you help others, you are helping yourself. How? By taking the cursor off of yourself and focusing on others. That is a healing journey.

Have the courage to do what you need to do to be happy. Figure out a way what could work for you to express yourself: music, writing, poems, art, building landscapes, carving, volunteering.

Do not worry about if you are good or bad, just do it.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

” Having Influence is not about ELEVATING SELF, but about LIFTING OTHERS.” – Sheri Dew