We all know that divorce battles can be very bitter and certainly would have an

all around affect on your life, children and new relationships going forward.

Also, while going through a divorce, do you think it is a good idea to connect with a new partner? To find new LOVE? Can a relationship last while the other partner is on a battlefield with the EX?

My guests tonight are Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD., PhD., and author, as well as Melissa Marti, Registered Nurse and Business Owner.

How long should we know a person before we get married? 4 months?

What are some of the signs we should be looking for?

Learn from Cindy and Bill’s Relationship and Peter + Susan.

Generational Repetition is the problem. Do you remember how you grew up when you were little? Was it a happy home? A happy upbringing you experienced?

Some children will be ok with their parents splitting up, some will not. Kids are hurting and are voiceless if the parents starts up a new relationship with someone they don’t even like. Listen to the show.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

I have learned that NOTHING is forever and that includes Relationships. It made me very sad hearing it the first time for someone I really cared about. It is so true…after 10 years we parted.