Welcome to Part II of our Conscious Living 2020 Event on air!

With Wayne Winsley , my co-host.

“Enhancing your own Power and Resources” and “Practical Wisdom”

Our guest panel are from the wellness, nutrition, black belt, geriatric care, life coaching, canine and human behavior industry.

Warren Honeycutt, Founder, Director of

Melissa Marti, Geriatric Nurse/Business Owner of Lakeside Nutrition

Phil Klein, Expert in Canine Behavior –

Wayne Winsley, Radio Broadcaster


  1. I will – 2. I can – 3. I am doing it
  2. Any and all accomplishments will increase personal power – can be as small as going for that daily walk you planned. These small things are steps to fill an archive of experiences.
  3. Also, learn things that you never thought you could…Challenge yourself.
  4. If you are a Dog Lover find out how a Dog thinks….connection between Animals and Human.
  5. Having a full awareness what is Good for one-self and What is not….very important


Having mastered and lived traits such as: Loyalty, self-control,fairness, generosity, gentleness, friendliness, truthfulness.

Persrverance, integrity, open-mindedness, thoroughness, kindness…and more.

Wisdom has to be practical because the issues we face are embedded in our e v e r y d a y  work. Finally, when Wisdom is cultivated it is not onl good for society but is a key to our own happiness. Personal Growth!

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

As we get in to our ‘golden years’ it is so important to understand what is happening to our BODY if we don’t give it the proper movement. KEEP Listening!