“Making Wise Choices at any Age and after 50”

Remember our Foundation Stone is our HEALTH and a desire to be Self Sufficient, To Be Mobile, To Live Independent Lives and all of this requires reasonable HEALTH.

In our first hour of Conscious Living 2020 we are discussing :

Life Skills, Control over our habits, Awareness of our thoughts, habits and belief system.

Please welcome my incredible guests:

Warren Honeycutt of 

Melissa Marti of 

Gene Thompson of

Wayne Winsley of

Warren Honeycutt has been a life-long Fitness Coach and Nutrition Expert. A successful business owner and a Radio Contributor on many stations through-out the country.

Melissa Marty – A Registred Nurse and Business Owner of Lakeside Nutrition.

Gene Thompson – A Personal Growth Advocate, Songwriter, Poet, and Author

Incredible professionals sharing their knowledge and success.

” Conscious Living” program first started in 2012 on location as an annual event and would draw an audience from all over to meet professionals in their field.

Since 2016 we broadcast the Conscious Living Event on air only. It enables people from allover the world to participate and listen.

If you like to participate in 2021 Conscious Living please contact

Remember, nothing matters if you don’t have your HEALTH. Educate yourself! Be part of our LifeTalk with Mariette Informational Circle.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Mariette works with passionate, caring individuals who have a successful track record and a ‘can do’ attitude. Caring about others ‘Well Being’ that is what matters….