Deep emotions that drive our behavior. Our lack of awareness can keep our negative emotions bottled up inside.

You often hear people say, “Go with your gut”, “Trust your instincts”, “Follow your intuition” and  “Listen to your inner voice”. That all sounds great, right? If only it were that easy.

Many people are not paying attention to their EMOTIONS as they should, to know about an inner voice, feeling etc.

My guests are: Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD., Warren Honeycutt, CEO of GetHoneycutt, Inc. , Meliss Marti, RN and Mario Orlando, Musician.

It is known that some people will purposely not liksten so they don’t have to confront:

unhappy in marriage, not enough money, ill self image, problems with body image, etc. People will medicate themselves with food, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Clean your inner house…and start listening to your feeling.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Your GUT is your compass – It never lies, and it is never wrong. We must learn to listen to it.