Career After 40? – It is possible!

Career After 40? – It is possible….

A Reinvention process that many people are confronted with ‘head-on’ and struggle with. Join Mariette Kammerer, Wayne Winsley and Phil Klein sharing their own reinvention journey. New skills they had to learn and integration of their life skills and talents for a new career.

Wayne Winsley, a 20 year veteran in the Broadcasting industry, speaker, coach….was at the hight of his career ….Founder of Brave Enough To Fail, a not -for-profit organization.

Phil Klein, former Marketing Executive, consultant, coach in the Finance industry, now a Dog Listener Consultant.

Mariette Kammerer says: ” Life taught me that nothing is forever, that includes our work life, a career we have built. Company fold, positions are eliminated, personal health issues, changes within companies, lay-off’s.”

We are discussing Obstacles and overcoming Adversity at a young age – Setting our Life Stage

When Success ends

When initiative, tanacity…skills and talents take over

What did we learn?

Phil: taking initiative, independance

Wayne: initiative, independance

Mariette: common sense, independence, initiative

From  The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Life has taught me to be flexible and that has been a ‘Life-Saver’. I also know that nothing is ‘forever’ , marriage, relationships, careers, worklife. We need to be aware of that. If we have earned the believe in our own capabilities, we have it a little easier than others….