What Is “KING”?  WICC600 AM  Mariette Kammerer’s Interview on  “Melissa In The Morning” program.

When you can sell your ideas, your skills and talents to a new Employer. When you are convinct because you have a trackrecord of accomplishments.

Hard and Soft Skills are very important, more than ever before. You could be the best in your job category but if you have problems getting along with people on the job, or you are unreliable – there is a problem.

LifeTalk with Mariette Radio Program is bringing AWARENESS to the public in Health, Personal Growth and Business. We are now in our 15th year…how fast time goes by.

Upcoming new programs are: “Relations Wise” -The Balance Of Personal Power in Personal & Work Relationships and also

“Its All About Body Movements” – Life After 40

It is known that some people will purposely not liksten so they don’t have to confront:

unhappy in marriage, not enough money, ill self image, problems with body image, etc. People will medicate themselves with food, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Clean your inner house…and start listening to your feeling.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Your biggest Accomplishment should be when you have mastered earning an Income from your Skills and Talents. Many of us have, so have I. It is a long, tough road…..!