“Can Boredom Help Us To Achieve More?” How we deal with it dictates the outcome, positive or negative. Boredom can be good for our health. My guests are:

Ray Hyman, School Teacher, former School Principal, and his wife Laura, Sales Manager. When we are not busy with other thoughts and activities, we focus inward as well as look to reconnect with Friends and Family.

When we have nothing external occupying our minds, we may be forced to attend to the thoughts and feelings we usually express. So avoiding boredom could be a way to avoid these feelings and thoughts.

Intellectual stimulation varies from person to person, and the need to have ‘quiet’ times should not be underestimated.

Please take the time to listen to your thoughts and feelings. Julie Winter, Psycho-Therapist, talks about the importance of ‘Stillness’ and so much more. Enjoy!!

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