Being Supportive Of Others

By being supportive and encouraging of others, you are making a difference in the world, but potentially in the world of others. It is powerful and healing.

We welcome Susan Fernandez, director of SPCA of CT. A no-kill Animal Shelter in CT. and also Melissa Sheketoff of Melissa In The Morning WICC600 AM.

I like to be believe that if we give Encouragement and Praise to our Children, they have a better chance in Life to built their Self Worth.

Many of us grew up without it.

To gain Self-Worth in life, you are consciously working on new projects, new challenges….In sales for instants, you have a great opportunity to grew.

What is the meaning of Encouragement?

“The ACT of trying to stimulate the development of an ACTIVITY- State of Believe”

Encouragement to pulling through a difficult situation or overcoming an abstacle can make a difference

Whether you’re looking for personal motivation of comforting a friend or just reflecting on life and words of encouragement can offer a new prospective or simply make you feel better.

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

Encouragement can have a ripple effect – how can we get more people involced to do just that?