A Women’s Pleasures – Mentally, Emotionally, Physically

My guests today are:

Norma Gianattasio, Business Owner, Mary Ann Gardner, Clinical Coucelor, Bridge Flynn, Business Owner .

Think: For Men we have pills now on the market for technical and mechanical performance(viagra)

Think: What pills do Women have to stimulate libido and relax us at the same time to be able to reach a level where we can tune in – to our feelings, our sensualtity, our fantasies.

Do we know ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically?

Did we take the time over the past decades to listen to ourselves?

Did we take the time to understand and gave ourselves a voice, or are others in charge to be our voice?

” I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen over the years, brilliant women, successful women, women who have achieved anything and everything-who are bankrupt in their relationship to themselves and their bodies.” End of quote – Unknown

From The Author

Mariette Kammerer

With every decade we change. Every person we have a relationship with we learn something.