Creating possibilities for mindfulness, education, and environmental protection, as well as facets of intimacy is the core of tonight’s program. Our guests are Gisela Kentmann, Art Teacher + Social Pedagogue, Germany, Angelika Toma, Entrepreneur + Artist, Austria, and Julie Winter, Psycho-Spiritual Therapist, New York City, NY.

Fairy Tales are a precious heritage of mankind. They are as old as the world. They were passed down orally from generation to generation. Fairy tales are great tools for teaching kids about story development,  conflict resolution, the development of characters, heroes, and villains, and simply broadening their imagination and life skills.

Art as a form of Self-Expression? Let us listen very closely to Gisela Kentmann’s presentation as to how the five senses are developed.

“Being active and alive with all your senses is ‘Quality of Life.’ Touch – Sight – Hearing- Smell- Taste helps our brain to understand and receive the world around us.

Julie Winter is sharing how Guardians and Angels around us are part of our lives. We have to be conscious.

“Our universe is inhabited by guardians and animal spirits,” says Julie Winter in her book ‘Dancing Home’.

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