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Welcome to LifeTalk with Mariette RADIO and PODCAST Community


We are committed to raising Public Awareness to share meaningful content and are passionate about raising Hope and Motivation.


Sharing our KNOWLEDGE, having COMPASSION, EMPATHY,  KINDNESS and RESPONSIBILITY. Raising awareness and money, to raising hope, we are committed to our listeners and communities.

Please listen below to upcoming LifeTalk with Mariette Program.

“Improve Your Mind, Improve Your Life”

LifeTalk with Mariette’s
Radio Program is expanding + incorporating a digital magazine, for the purpose of  being globally connected.

The Healing Mind Magazine, an international ‘Life-Learning Classroom’ platform and extension of Life Talk concept is now featuring creative, brilliant people from all over the world. We are ‘talking’ 365/7. Congratulations!

Through Awareness, Education, Inspiration, Motivation we establish movement, change and growth for Mind, Body, Spirit at any age.

” CREATIVITY Is Your Intelligence Having Fun” – Albert Einstein

Upcoming RADIO Programs


“Intimacy + SEX After 50”  on Sunday, January 17th, 2021 7-8PM EST on LifeTalk with Mariette live Radio Program. Tune in to www.LifeTalkWithMariettePodcast.com and click  ‘ Listen Live on Wicc600’

Mariette and guests Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD, Author and Melissa Marti, RN will discuss issues and answer questions many of us would and should ask.

“Intimacy and sex are important for well-being for older adults. Your body talks to you through cravings, pleasures, aches and pains and many more ways. Give it  a voice ” – says Dr. Chris Gilbert

Join us for an informative and fun program!

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Sundays 7-8PM EST on WICC600.com

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Discover More Episodes




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The Healing Mind Magazine is sponsored by KES Educational Services, Inc., and Life TALK with Mariette, dedicated to helping develop and expand peoples mind, skills & talents.

Mariette Kammerer – Intuitive Consultant

Business & LifeSkill Coach, Mentor

Director KES Inc.

Radio Broadcaster
Creator – The Healing Mind Magazine

Creator – Radio /PodCasts Programs

Creator of Conscious Living Retreats & Programs


Dr. Brian Lima is a renowned leader and recognized authority on advanced heart failure, heart transplantation, and mechanical circulatory support devices that are surgically implanted to help provide full heart support for people with advanced heart failure. Starting in 2020 Dr. Lima has been a featured contributor to Life Talk with Mariette Radio show and Podcasts.

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